121 Sealer / Floor-Nu Silver Gray Epo Trac Non Skid Coating

As you can see, Steelcote will bring new life and appearance to any floor situation, making them more attractive, easier to clean and environmentally friendly for years to come.  All applications are guaranteed for one year for workmanship and products even though Steelcote finishes are designed to last for many years with heavy traffic use. 

All Steelcote products require minimal slab preparation.  Generally, we only have to grind the  surface lightly to insure good adhesion.  We use quiet and environmentally friendly 480V electric grinders, cutters, scarifiers and vacuum units.  Fumes and excessive noise are things of the past. 

Our units will remove existing paint, coatings and epoxy and make the surface flat and smooth for easy application of Steelcote products.  Steelcote comes in many colors as well as clear so we can achieve any finished result you want.  Epo-Mastic DTO is a gray primer and is used under a color cote of Steelcote 188 to enhance the finished product and adhesion to oil impregnated surfaces. 

Traction qualities are added to Steelcote products with Epo-trac which is a pliable polymer product that allows compression and expansion without punching holes in the top coating after extensive use and does not create a weak wear point in the finish as hard surface grit does. 

No matter what the problem or requirements, we have a solution and Steelcote has a product for your situation.  Pricing varies with conditions so please give us a call for a free estimate.  Odd hour, night and weekend work are part of our schedule so we can minimize any disruption to your operation and employees. 

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